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Minister Accused Of Getting Teen Pregnant
Detroit Pastor Has Dropped Out Of Sight
DETROIT, 10:56 p.m. EST March 5, 2001-- Police are looking for the minister of a Detroit church who they accuse of allegedly getting a 15-year-old parishioner pregnant.

A warrant was issued Monday charging the 31-year-old minister of Straight Street Baptist Church with two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Investigators say that the man invited the girl to lunch and than allegedly coerced the girl into having sex on at least two occasions.

Police say that the teen got pregnant as a result of one of the alleged encounters last summer, but tried to conceal her condition from her parents. They took the girl to another state, where a late-stage abortion was performed.

Investigators say that DNA taken from the fetus matched a sample that the minister provided to police.

The minister's whereabouts were unknown Monday.

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