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Sex Offender and Sex Crime News
Teen, pastor in court on sex crimes
2002-11-22 Daily Interlake

Teenager Terry Eads, a church youth pastor, was sentenced to prison for raping a 4-year-old boy; and another church pastor, Garry Toavs, 58, pleaded guilty to molesting a girl, in separate court hearings Thursday.
Eads, 18, hung his head through the sentencing hearing before District Judge Stewart Stadler as his 6-year-old victim's parents testified about the damage Eads wreaked. Eads' family and the boy's family were friends and church companions before the incident.

As a victim, the boy and his parents' identity won't be released. But their pain is evident.

"It's something that no one should have to go through. It's something you can't describe, it's just so horrendous," said the boy's father.

Eads "raped my son with me in the house. He raped my son in our church" probably 40 times, the tearful father said. "He should go to prison for a minimum of 15 years."

The abuse lasted for two years, from 2000-02 when Eads was 15-17 years old and the boy was 4-6.

Eads "was old enough to know right from wrong. ... For two years, this went on. He would have kept this going on forever if he could have," the father said.

Eads was arrested in June, when the boy revealed the abuse, and has been in jail since then. He pleaded guilty in July.

His attorney, Robert Allison, asked Stadler to consider giving Eads a probationary sentence. He called as a witness Andy Hudak, who treats sex offenders, and said that Eads has a 90 percent likelihood of being successfully treated and not repeating his offense.

Another suffering father — Eads' — also testified, saying that he would be willing to move his family, if necessary, to satisfy the court that Eads would have no further contact with the victim or his family.

"If I have to, I would," William Eads said. "He's my son."

The crime of sexual intercourse without consent carries a prison term of up to 100 years.

A probation officer recommended 25 years in prison with 15 suspended. And Deputy County Attorney Ed Corrigan, apologizing to the victim's family that he didn't think a longer sentence is appropriate, asked Stadler to consider a term of 30 years with 20 suspended.

Stadler agreed.

"The only reason it's not 60 years ... is the fact that you did this when you were 16 or 17 years old," Stadler said, though the damage is no different than if Eads had been older.

"I think this is a crime of violence, even though it wasn't physical force," Stadler said.

"Other than homicide (or causing a debilitating injury), I can't think of a crime I would consider to be more serious," Stadler told Eads. "You have taken something ... that can never be restored."

He pointed out that Eads' crime was not a single event, but so many violations of the boy that it is "almost staggering. ... It is important that you spend time in prison."

Stadler attached several conditions to the sentence. Eads may not ever live in the same county as the boy and his family. He must undergo sex-offender treatment, and pay a third of his prison wages to the victim's family for counseling.

Earlier, Stadler accepted a guilty plea from Garry Toavs, 58, of Kalispell, on a charge of sexual assault.

Toavs, pastor of Evergreen Alliance Church, was originally charged with sexual offenses with two girls, ages 12 and 5. In exchange for his guilty plea, one of the charges was dropped.

According to court documents, an investigation was launched when one of the girls told her mother that Toavs had touched her inappropriately.

When he was arrested, he was accused of molesting and exposing himself to the girls between Jan. 1-17.

In court Thursday, Toavs admitted guilt and told prosecuting Deputy County Attorney Dan Guzynski that he committed the acts for his own sexual gratification.

Represented by attorney Patrick Sherlock, Toavs will be sentenced on Jan. 16. He faces two to 100 years in prison.


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