Story last updated at 12:54 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16, 2002

youth minister remains in jail

JACKSON (AP) -- Bond of $75,000 was set Monday for a youth minister accused of raping three male youngsters.

Curtis Hudson, 33, remained in jail after bond was set by Circuit Court Judge Roy B. Morgan Jr.

Hudson, the associate pastor for youth at First United Methodist Church, has been in jail since July 3. He turned himself in after a grand jury charged him with rape and sexual battery.

Hudson is charged with one count of rape of a child, three counts of rape and seven counts of sexual battery by an authority figure. He is accused of raping and having sexual contact with a preteen and two teenage boys from May 2000 to June 2001.

Hudson could face similar charges in other Tennessee counties, in Arkansas and in Mexico, said Assistant District Attorney Al Earls.

Hudson's trial date is set for Jan. 14.

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