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Street preacher held in 2 bus stop assaults

BYLINE: Joshua B. Good, Staff
DATE: 11-24-1999
PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution
SECTION: Local News

Gwinnett police say a man who claims to be a street preacher is also the bus stop rapist. Cyril Ramsley, 33, is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl and sexually assaulting a 27-year-old woman. He allegedly abducted them from bus stops during attacks a month apart.
On Tuesday, the victims picked Ramsley out of a lineup, said Gwinnett police Detective Curtis Clemons.
Ramsley is charged with rape, attempted rape, kidnapping, armed robbery and simple battery. He is being held without bond.
The first attack happened Oct. 9. A woman was standing at a MARTA bus stop in front of the Reserve Apartment complex on Pleasantdale Road in DeKalb County. A man in a pickup truck stopped, got out and pulled up his sweatshirt. He had a gun tucked into his pants.
The man told her he was going to rob her. He put his arm around her as he led her to the truck. He told her "to act like she was his girlfriend," according to court records.
He drove the woman to a Norcross apartment complex where he ordered her into a storage shed and told her to disrobe. He attempted to rape her, but was not able to complete the act.
The man took $10 in cash and the woman's engagement ring. He left her in the shed.
Less than an hour later, Ramsley pawned the ring, according to court records.
But police did not know about the pawned ring, nor did they have leads in the first attack until a man abducted and raped a Meadowcreek High School girl on Nov. 8.
The girl was waiting for her school bus at Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Everest Trail in Norcross, not far from Pleasantdale Road.
The man got out of a pickup truck, ordered the teenager into the truck and drove her to a construction site. He punched her in the face, raped her, stole a gold ring from her finger and took her lunch money, according to Clemons.
He let the girl go. The teenager described the man to police, who released a sketch the same day.
Witnesses who saw the sketch told police it looked like Ramsley, said Gwinnett police Sgt. Joy Parish.
Clemons learned Ramsley had pawned a ring Oct. 9, less than an hour after the rape. Pawn shops must report transactions to police. Clemons showed the ring to the victim from the MARTA bus stop rape. She said it was hers.
Ramsley told Clemons he was preaching to a group of crack addicts at a convenience store the day of the rape. "He claimed he bought the ring from one of the crack heads, even though he didn't have a need for the ring," Clemons said.
Ramsley is married, has two children and is a minister in the Anointed by Christ to Serve Church of Norcross, said the church's pastor, Antonio Magwood. Magwood, who was once Ramsley's roommate, said the church meets each Sunday at a hotel conference room in Norcross.

ILLUSTRATIONS/PHOTOS: Mug shot of Cyril Ramsley.

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