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Minister May Have Killed Self
P.J. Lassek World Staff Writer

A former Broken Arrow youth minister dies of a bullet wound hours after being told he would be charged with sex offenses .

BROKEN ARROW -- A former youth minister at Arrow Heights Baptist Church apparently killed himself early Tuesday after police told him late Monday that he would be charged with molestation and related offenses.
David Glen Randol, 38, died of an apparently self-inflicted .38- caliber bullet wound to his chest, Police Capt. Daryle Bascom said.
The shooting occurred in Randol's garage, and the gun was Randol's, Bascom said. Randol's wife reported the shooting, he said.
John Priddy, a Tulsa assistant district attorney, said he approved felony charges against Randol on Monday.
Randol was to be arrested and formally charged Tuesday with lewd molestation, rape by instrumentation, sodomy and sexual abuse by a guardian, he said.
Priddy said the charges stemmed from allegations that Randol sexually abused a teen- age girl who attended the church.
The alleged incidents began when the girl was 13 and ended when she was 15, Priddy said, adding that the incidents allegedly occurred at the church.
Bascom said the victim's mother had filed complaints.
Broken Arrow police went to Randol's home Monday night to tell him that the charges had been approved. Randol had been out of town, Bascom said.
Randol was the youth minister at the church until he resigned in April. A church secretary said Randol had worked for the church for one year, but she refused to comment further. Pastor Bob Green was unavailable for comment.
Bascom said Randol was also a part-time volunteer chaplain for the police and fire departments.

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