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August 2003 Newsletter                                                           


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Countdown to Rocky Mountain District C&MA District Conference
Billings, Montana 
September 29, 2003, at 4:00PM

Prayer Requests:

Continue to pray for Garry and Lela Toavs. Garry is being held in Great Falls until he is moved to the prison in Deer Lodge. Lela is going through radiation therapy. She reports she is feeling fatigued but otherwise well. If you will write to Garry, his address is Garry Toavs AO #2044777; CCDC Cascade County Detention Center; State Side; B pod; #8 3800 Ulm; North Frontage Rd; Great Falls, MT 59804. Send him an Encouragement Card! Lela’s address is still
323 East Evergreen Drive, Kalispell, MT 59901.

Pray for Lawrence Berge as he has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

District Conference!

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” When Jesus made this statement he was in the middle of a ministry session with people who were “harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd.” (Matt 9:35-37)The Lights of the 10/40 window “Harassed and helpless” makes me think of people today who are in the same state. I think of addicts, people from broken homes, the distraught, depressed, hurt, angry people of today. Jesus had compassion on them. He still does. We may have become used to the idea of people going to hell. Jesus hasn’t.  We need to be awakened to the need. Jesus statement about the harvest and the workers could be paraphrased, “There are a whole lot of hurting people, but few to bring them to the healer.” This is a call to be sensitively aware of the hurting people around us and point them to Jesus.

We also need to be awakened to the wonderful, glorious provision God has made to meet the need: His Son, Jesus the Savior of the world. We have perhaps gotten used to that as well; become familiar with the gospel and have consequently ignored or minimized its glory.

Let us seek God this year at District Conference. Let us come together and pray God will open our spiritual eyes to see the need, see His salvation, feel compassion for the lost and bold confidence in the Savior. 

People are lost and going to hell. What a devastating thought. Therefore, conference this year will be very focused. We will be concentrating on fulfilling the part of our District Mission Statement “Great Commission Churches.” Instead of seminars on multiple ministry topics, we will hone in on witnessing, evangelism, and disciple making.  Further, prayer will be at the center of our conference. We won’t just be talking about praying for the lost; we will be doing it.

This will not be a “one-size-fits-all” conference. We will be breaking you out into groups by individual church (your team meeting together), groups of churches by size (small, medium, and large), and age and gender groups (youth, children, women, men). You will be sharing challenges and ideas to meet challenges. This is peer training. You are the experts! So, bring your ideas that God has worked in your church and be prepared to share. Bring your challenges and be prepared to receive ideas that God has used in other similar situations. What a blessing!

In the plenary sessions we will be celebrating the gospel in Word and song. Come prepared to celebrate!

We will have some “experts” from National Office and other places. Mickey Noel, National Director of Church Planting, will be with us. Jon Graf of Prayer Ministries will lead us in that emphasis. Phil Skellie, Director of CAMA Services/IFAP (International Fellowship of Alliance Professionals), and other lesser known lights will show the way.

All lunches will be served at the Convention Center. In that way we won’t waste time by going to and from restaurants. We have given Alliance Women the luncheon opportunity they so badly wanted. They have promised to run a sharp, brief program and be out on time!

During that same hour the Pastoral Growth Groups and all laymen will share a lunch. There the PGGs will get oriented for the coming year, and we’ll all talk about mobilizing men in RMD for construction projects! Let’s give men a mission they love and can do here! This will enable churches to reach men as never before.

Last year at Conference we planned a free afternoon for R & R. Not this year. Well, we are planning a free afternoon, and it is Thursday afternoon and most of you will be on your way home! If anyone wants to stay and play golf, you are welcome to do so!

We are concluding Conference early Thursday (by about 10:30) with a celebration brunch. We will honor Lawrence Berge for 50 years in gospel ministry in the Alliance, among others. Plan to stay for that event. Honor those who will be honored. Rejoice with those who rejoice! And yes there will be books we give to you. And, yes those will be given away after the brunch Thursday morning. Yes, it is planned as an incentive to stay to the end!

Our hope is you will bring a team of people from your church, think and pray seriously about evangelism by your church in your community, develop a plan to accomplish the Great Commission, here, there, and everywhere, and go home inspired to work the plan by the grace of God. We want this Conference to mobilize each of us as individuals and as churches to reach the lost for Christ. 

We are trying to make District Conference a ministry conference. Yes, we will take care of the necessary organizational business, but we will be obsessing on the Kings Business: Winning the lost for their salvation and His glory.

Come; bring your team!

District Family News

There are several churches and pastors in transition. Churches still looking for a pastor include Fortine, Columbia
Falls, Colstrip, Hardin, Plains, Savage, and Cheyenne.

Rob Pesola completed his ministry in Savage, Montana in June. He accepted the position of Administrator for a VA nursing home in Columbia
Falls. They are getting involved in the CF Alliance Church.

White Sulphur Springs called Eric Stark to be their pastor and he accepted. He plans to begin his ministry September 1. He is married to Kimberli, and has four children ages 9, 10, 13 & 14, three girls and a boy, the youngest. They are moving from west
Seattle, where he served as youth pastor at the Arbor Heights Alliance Church.

Lawrence Berge has announced his retirement to be effective October 3, completing 50 years in the ministry of the gospel in the CMA. We will be celebrating his life of ministry on Thursday of District Conference. The Casper Alliance church will then begin their search for a pastor.
Lawrence plans to continue to reside in Casper.

Scott Corgatelli, Associate Pastor of Calvary Alliance Church in Pocatello, Idaho, and Heather Koger were married on June 14, 2003.

DEXCOM met June 18, in
Billings and made several decisions. The revised Rocky Mountain District Policy Manual was adopted in final form. It is posted on the District Website for your perusal.

Since Jack Cranford resigned from DEXCOM due to his move to Portland
, Oregon, John Thomas of Evanston, Wyoming was appointed to fulfill the unexpired term. John is a member and elder of the Evanston Alliance church. He is an attorney and has regularly attended District Conference and General Council.

With the departure of Matt Howell from Cheyenne to Tacoma
Washington, DEXCOM appointed Jeff Valentine to be the director of the Pastoral Development Team (PDT). The PDT plans TLC, other leadership retreats such as the STRETCH Conference, and the ministry of the Pastoral Growth Groups.

The slate of Pastoral Growth Group leaders has recently been appointed. They are Jim Davey (Northwest Montana), Jeff Valentine (Southwest Montana), Jim Stumbo (South Central Montana), John Reese (North Central Montana), Dave Guilford (South Eastern Montana), Paul Turek (MonDak), Gary Burdick (Northern Wyoming), Gene McKenzie (Southern Wyoming), Bill Levy (Southeastern Idaho), and Dave Minick (Southwestern Idaho). The Pastoral Growth Groups will meet during the Wednesday lunch at District Conference. Thanks guys for your willingness to serve in the growth of our pastors for the glory of God!

Another appointment to servant leadership has been made recently. Nancy German has been appointed co-director with Donna Reed for our District Children’s Ministries team, which is a part of Disciple Making Ministries. Nancy and Donna will be communicating with their team and network to develop and conduct helpful ministries to children’s workers in RMD churches.  Thank you Nancy and Donna!

We adopted a budget to propose to District Conference that provides for an aggressive church planting and redevelopment strategy.

We are pleased to report that more of our local churches than ever are contributing to the District Operating Budget.  We are grateful for the faithfulness and effort each one puts into meeting our District Operating Budget.
            2003 Operating Budget Income projection          January - July = $229,666.00
            2003 Operating Budget Actual Income               January - July = $253,269.25
            2003 Operating Budget Expense Projection        Janaury - July = $231,029.20
            2003 Operating Budget Actual Expenses            January - July = $273,888.62


The Lander church has run into many frustrations in their building project, but they are persevering patiently. The shell of the structure is up and they are about to complete the electrical work so they can proceed to pour the concrete floor. They hope to occupy by Christmas. Pray for them to continue to be filled with the Spirit and exhibit the fruit of the Spirit as they work through the frustrations.

The Cheyenne Congregation is in the middle of a remodel project. They are refurbishing the two modulars they have used for years as Christian Education space. New carpet and other updates are also underway in their main building. They have also replaced and improved much of the sidewalk, plaza area in front of their buildings. They hope to have this remodel completed in a few weeks. All of this will enable them to minister more effectively.

The Cody church building is progressing well. The Christian Education wing is to the stage of finishing drywall. The sanctuary has the foundation, the floor is being installed now, and the glue lam beams will go up next week, enabling them to build the walls. They hope to occupy by Christmas. Pocatello Idaho construction progress

The Pocatello congregation is fast nearing the completion of their new facility. Pastor Bill Levy reports the carpet is scheduled to be installed next week. They hope to occupy by the end of the month. It is a wonderful building and will serve well as they seek to reach the people of the greater Pocatello area with the gospel. Pray that the congregation will finish well in this project.



Giving to the Great Commission Fund is improving! We praise God for this. Through the month of June giving to the GCF Nationally is at 93.7% of budget compared to 82.2% in March. As a result the National Office has restored the officers and superintendents to their full salaries and paid the money cut from earlier paychecks. Giving to the GCF from the Rocky Mountain District is close to that of 2002 year-to-date at one quarter of one percent less than a year ago. Further, thanks to local church leadership we have nearly 100% participation from our churches! We are thankful. Let us continue praying and working to mobilize our churches for the accomplishment of the Great Commission Here, There and Everywhere!


Pastors, as you encourage giving to the Great Commission Fund, tell your people this story. As you are calling for the morning offering, read or tell from memory this story. Tell your people that Chris Braun is from this District and that as we pray and give to our International ministries through the GCF, we are a part of great stories like this one. Pray and give and know that you are a part of making good things like this happen in the name of Jesus for the salvation of the lost for His glory.


Tim Owen

Dear Praying Friends,

We got an interesting story this week from the C&MA program ACCEDES in Burkina, which had been able to provide a well for people who live an area which often has a yearly water crisis, forcing them to use water from contaminated sources where animals also drink.    The village chief thanked them, saying the problem of water had been serious in their village.  The water they had  to use made them sick even after boiling it and made their children itch from bathing.  The new well solved all that.  The village was so thankful  that they gave them not the usual gift of a chicken, but a cow, a gift reserved for presidents.  Taken back, the African program head  tried to refuse the gift, but a farmer said the year before he had lost 15 cows because of bad water, however this year with the new well he had lost none.  The pastor also thanked him saying it had opened the door to evangelism.  Pray for our missionaries working in muslim contexts to find effective ways to show the love of Jesus to people.

We leave in a few hours for the airport, to attend the Field Forum in Gabon, Lord willing.  It will be an excellent opportunity to listen to missionaries’ hearts, feel their vision, and understand relationships.  Pray that God will give us ears to hear.  We return to our home in ABJ the 9th.  Pray for a time of renewal and encouragement for our missionaries there. 

Have a week with your hearts at peace.

Chris and Marcia

Riverton Neighborhood Alliance Church introduces the Wind River Alliance Ranch and RetreatWind River Alliance Retreat
Praise God for the great gift he has given the Neighborhood Alliance Church in Riverton, Wyoming.  Last fall of 2002, Neighborhood Alliance was approached by an individual with the desire to give the Ranch as a gift, in order to provide a place for pastors, missionaries, and Christian families to spend time getting closer to the Lord.  The Ranch is a 300 acre working ranch with 3 fully equipped cabins.

The Ranch can be used for many purposes: education, spiritual retreat, family development, etc.   Many activities are within close proximity to the Ranch, which is located 26 miles from Riverton, WY.  Wildlife is in abundance, along with great fishing holes, hiking areas, and plenty of lawn chairs just to recline and relax, away from the interruptions of T.V. and Telephones.

An invitation is extended to you, your church families and missionaries to come to the Ranch in 2003.  There are special discounts designed to meet the need of any family.  Please call for further information, call (307-856-1444), mail (#4 Sheep Camp Road, Pavillion, WY  82523) or check out the Ranch’s web site
( www.wrarar.freewebspace.com  ).

Hope to see you this summer. 
God bless you in abundance,
Audrey Huver
Reservation Supervisor


From Jim Woods
Pastors especially be reminded that there is information about Men's Ministries available through me.  I'm eager to help in any way I can.  I will be in Atlanta, GA later in August to get a final read on much of the new support material and assistance that is coming for pastors and the local churches.

For all the help in the St. Ignatius building project I want to say thank you to the several churches in the area and as far away as Minot, North Dakota (thanks, Dave, for sending us Mike Parman).  St. Ignatius construction work crew

We gutted the old church, reframed classrooms, ADA bathrooms, office space and repaired about three hundred square feet of floor that had rotted out.......unnoticed.  It was a blessing to make the repairs at this time.  We built a sanctuary that will seat 250 and literally trippled the usable space of the church.  They have lots and lots of room to grow. 

Everyone please take note that work teams for next year are being planned.  We want to send a team to Cambodia in January and a team to Mongolia in September.  Please mention these work teams to your congregations and let me know of the interest.  It takes many months of preparation to so I need some names and heads up now. 

My phone is 1-800-632-4484 or send it to jewoods3@juno.com . These will be fantastic trips and will be wonderful inspirations for the missions focus of every church big or small.

From Harry Bolwyn

Summer time can be a difficult time for churches and especially new starts.  Summer recreational opportunities are limited and people need to enjoy them while they can.  People looking for a new church are few in number and even those who are part of a new start are often few in number resulting in discouragement on the part of those that faithfully remain, including the pastor.  Have you prayed recently for the newest start near you?  Why not encourage your church planting pastoral friend by a phone call asking how things are going and concluding with a time of prayer over the phone?  Better yet, invite them on some sort of summer outing letting you know that you really do care.

Since our last newsletter, David and Elizabeth Kauffman have decided to accept a work position in Lander and return to fellowship at Wind River Community Church.   We sincerely appreciate their efforts to plant a church in Dubois.  Their efforts remind us that planting new churches in small, rural towns is risky and won’t always prove to be successful.  Pray for David as he continues his studies at Simpson and plans to re-enter ministry when he completes his program.

Cliff and Wendy Williams are very busy with their ministry at the Rock in Nampa. 

Craig and Jean Flinn
would appreciate your partnership in prayer as they endeavor to plant our newest church in Meridian, Idaho.  They have invited and God has called Aaron and Vonda Sellers of Portland to join them in this effort.  Aaron is the son of Alliance pastor Jim Sellers and Vonda is the daughter of Alliance pastor Rick Porter.  If you are interested in receiving their monthly newsletter, drop Craig an email at cjjdflinn@aol.com.  Pray for them as they attend the CMTC bootcamp this next week, August 4-7 in Vancouver, WA. 

Stuart Stanfil and his wife plan to conduct an Information Meeting in the southern neighborhoods of Rapid City, SD on the evening of August 17, in their home. Please pray for God's blessing on this effort. If you know of some unchurched people whom Stuart might invite to the meeting, give him a call at 605 348 5575, or let Tim Steinert know. Stuart is seeking to plant a church in that area of Rapid City.

Josue and Jennifer Mora are experiencing God's blessing in Jerome, Idaho. They have tried three times now to start a church. The two previous attempts have failed when the members all moved out of town within a week. Seems they were all illegally in this country. This time around God is sending hispanic people who are here legally and thus in Jerome for the long term. They have been meeting in homes  and already are having upwards of 60 people in attendance. The District is exploring the possibility of helping them buy a church facility. We expect and hope that would enable them to grow much more. Josue is a gifted evangelist. Pray that God will continue to give him fruit for his work and joy in the Lord. Pray they would be able to make disciples and build Christ's church in Jerome among Hispanic people.


In the last week they have seen 17 people come to the Lord in Hays Montana.  It seems that the enemy of our souls is reacting against these victories in Christ.  The Norems report people trying to break into their home and church and they are experiencing opposition and frustration in getting these things resolved.  They have also lost things to theft.

Pray for continued victories!  Pray the victory of the Lord against the break-ins and theft they have been experiencing.  They are committed to perseverance but need to be encouraged and strengthened for the battle.


In keeping with our commitment to host the Elder training in reach of all district churches we will be hosting this training in the following locations on the following Sundays from 3-7 pm. 

          Sept 21               Helena Alliance Church
          Oct  19                Days Inn in Rawlins, WY
          Oct  26                Roadway Alliance in Gillette, WY
          Nov 23                First Alliance, Billings
          Dec  7                 Calvary Alliance, Pocatello, ID
          Jan  11                Spring Valley Bible in Boise


On July 4, in Lambert, Montana hundreds gathered to celebrate the privilege of being  Americans.  As part of this celebration, Lambert Alliance Church hosted a Big Toy outreach.  Hundreds of area kids were delighted to experience a new kind of fun and already community leaders are asking a return of the toys for next year.

One of many campers at Eastern Montana Bible Camp was especially delighted to see the Big Toys.  Wishing not to attend camp, one camper from an unbelieving home, remarked that the presence of the Big Toys immediately changed his mind.

In Greybull and Sheridan, church folk were delighted to see how the Big Toys opened outreach doors during days of community celebration.

In Billings, Heights Alliance used the Big Toys at a Saturday farmer’s market and handed out flyers telling the many who came by that the use of the Big Toys was provided free of charge as a community service.

On July 24 in the closing outreach of Operation Good News hundreds of people gathered for a BBQ and Big Toy Fun time during Frontier Days in Cheyenne.  Almost 1,000 burgers and hot dogs were served to at least 500 people.



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