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Tuesday, December 24, 2002


By Víctor Manuel Ramos


December 24, 2002

Two pastors who run a Pentecostal church in Central Islip were arrested and charged with sexual abuse of a homeless child left in their care by a church member, Suffolk police said yesterday.

James Taylor, also known as Bishop J. Andre Taylor among his Provision of Promise Pentecostal Church congregation, was charged with second-degree sodomy and second-degree sexual abuse.

Police said Taylor, 33, of 77 Adams Rd., Apt. 2-D, in Central Islip, engaged in sexual acts with the 14-year-old for two years, since he took the minor to live in his apartment. The child's mother had agreed to the living arrangement until she found a permanent home.

Assistant pastor Rasta Wright, a church elder, was also arrested for allegedly sexually abusing the child, when he stayed overnight's at Taylor's apartment sometime in May. Wright, 25, of 221 Hawthorne Ave. in Central Islip, was charged with second-degree sodomy.

Posted by Kathy Shaw 7:39:05 AM
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